Did you know you are MADE for pleasure?

Enjoy this course and experience a full body transformation!

The practices include ancient tao and tantric practices such as the microcosmic orbit (circulation of the erergy through your whole body) and a pleasure ritual.


its time!

Its time for us to rise and shine...the world NEEDS us!

A sexually liberated woman is a woman in her power, her radiance, in her ground and center.

Discover the amazing practices and be amazed by the effects it has on your whole life!

Ground yourself

Fly high

Awaken your magic!

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Do you feel the longing inside to embody pleasure? To clean your sexual organs and to have an amazing connection with them?

Join this program in which I invite you each week for another embodiment ritual. The practices are ancient tao and tantric knowledge that will help you awaken your feminine magic. Don't wait and start now with this amazing journey!